Friday, February 1, 2013

US embassy bombing: Marxism or Assadism?

Suicide bombing in US Embassy in Ankara is confirmed to be carried out by an extreme left-wing terrorist organization that has been active in the past few months as the Turkish government has stepped out crackdown on the group.

Considering that the organization is part of the a global Marxist resistance front that usually wields violence in its acts, it should not caught anyone with a surprise that they want to make headlines by the latest attack. As a matter of fact, there is a particularly troubling picture in Turkey with respect to the activities of this organization and the security situation could get worse if authorities overlook the threat of this militant group.

In past seven months, the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Front/Party (DHKP-C), the organization that carried out the US Embassy attack on Friday, carried out at least a dozen deadly attacks in Turkey. One of the attacks in Sept. 12 last year killed a police officer in Gaziosmanpaşa district of İstanbul and could make it into US President Barack Obama’s UN speech in September last year.

The organization usually picks members with terminal disease and makes them a suicide bomber. The Ankara bombing bores the exact hallmarks of a DHKP-C attack – a low profile attack, in which a suicide bomber blews himself up at a checkpoint and usually targets security.

One of the reasons why the Marxist organization targeted the US embassy in Ankara could be a violent response to the government’s increased crackdown on the organization. Police detained nearly 100 members of the organization last month and at least 55 members remain in jail pending trial. Police seized documents in raids last month, where they planned assassination of politicians, judges, prosecutors and public figures. And, yeah, what does make bigger news than bombing a US embassy?

The attack also came a day after Syria and Iran vowed retaliation against Israel following its raid on a Hezbollah-bound military convoy on the Syrian-Lebanese border. There is little evidence, if any, to back up this argument but nothing should be ruled out by a regime that desparately tries to remain afloat.

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